Wrong Number

It continued ringing for the third time; the telephone ringer, obviously. The receiver hung on the sidewall, yet Meera was in no state of mind to pick. When it’s all said and done, it had been a tiring day. The slumber night has quite recently started and the time was stuck at 2 AM. She shriveled inside a little and kept a pillow on her ear. Now it rang for the fourth time, boldly hanging the divider, the telephone chime was grabbing Meera’s comfort and after that she chose to take it and accomplish with it for once and what not.

She wrapped the shroud around her body shabbily and strolled past her family photo. She picked the receiver and made proper acquaintance.

Mom a voice wobbled. 
Hi, who’s this? 
Mom, I am sorry. 
Mom, I am sad for disappointing you.

But . . . before she could talk any further, the voice on the opposite side of the telephone began to break down.

She wailed Hey; would you be able to please let me know what the deal is?

Mom, I didn’t recognize what I was doing. I was disgustingly inebriated. I am too bad. I didn’t let you know about my liquor consumption. In any case what could I have done mother? They were compelling me to death. They choked my throat with it and constrained me to drink it. One..two..three; when I realized it wasn’t fun but a conspiracy against me, it was past the point of no return.

She didn’t comprehend where precisely the discussion headed, yet she continued nodding in approbation and heard her. Let me know what happened beta, don’t delay. You have me.

I knew mother, I have you. Nobody would ever have a handle on me other than you. At the same time trust me mother I didn’t do anything. Every one of them was drinking however mine was a bit diverse. I was told that it is lighter, but it ended up being pernicious.

Mom, they threw my tangibles and garments on the road. They cleared out me there like that in the stray. They likewise tossed filth on me mom.

Now, Meera’s blood bubbled. She couldn’t control the tears of anger that walked around her eyes one after an alternate. Her body was secured under the cloak of Goosebumps and even in that nippy night, she sensed high temperature around her ears.

Is it safe to say that you are alright? Where are you? Should I come to lift you up?

No, mother. They likely may be skimming the MMS tomorrow. I have officially brought on you enough resentment and despicableness with my activities. I can’t see you or Dad in a terrible light. I simply called to let you know what happened so that you don’t scorn me when I am gone.

Gone, where?

Mom, I am standing on the edge of my inn and yours is the last call that I am making. I simply need to. . .

Hold on. Meera at long last talked. You should take me along and even your father for that matter. We have put complete self to sustain your life. I will let you know something. I won’t pass judgment on the premise of things you haven’t done. Human is to err. We all settle on awful decisions and make ourselves powerless without knowing the results. This is an unavoidable human dread. Anyhow you have no right to take away something from me or your father for which we have given our entire lives.

Get back immediately. We can deal with this love. I am with you.

But Mom. . .

End of conversation. Get back immediately.

Silence is lethal and it hung there for a moment. OK. I am coming.

I love you mom. 
I love you too.

She hung up.

Meera withdrew in apprehension. She couldn’t comprehend what simply happened. She stood amazed at the ruthlessness of world, the centrality of kinship and the individuals who continued resisting it. How could a young lady as youthful as her make herself so powerless against the individuals who don’t mean a thing. How might she be able to try and consider taking endlessly her life? Has the spirit of an individual decreased to this level? Tears streamed down her face; in apology, non-domesticated feelings and what not.

She opened the entryway of her room and headed towards her little girl’s room. She opened the door and strolled in. Each step was so difficult yet ameliorating. There she was, dozing careless in regards to what simply happened. There she was, under a safe casing with her mother.

She held her tight and embraced her. Her little girl woke up.

Mom, What happened?

Meera- Holding a breath for a minute.


Ahuh, Nothing. Just a wrong number.

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  1. Nice narration..

    Irony of human life is we think we are superior yet we do not know why we are here.

  2. Only if the title was not there, the story would have been much more enjoyable.

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