When I write love

It would be inane to agree with the myth that the chapter of love in most lives are only written with one ink or one hand writing. The growing number of people with petite tolerance is augmenting like population in China. As we grow, cross and commute from one phase of life to another, finally heading towards someone who would rest our qualms for the rest of our life, finally someone we are ready to wake up to, someone we are ready to find the middle ground for, someone we are ready to share our silence with and someone we are ready to create a journey of our life with, we consider, agree and settle for those too, who aren’t actually the ones we need.

It is beautiful in million ways that future remains covert and the obscurity keeps the charm. We do not know with whom we will land up, we do not know that the current person we are seeing will stay with us 10 years down the line and neither do we know that who will replace them. Love seems surreal, even the diminutive ones. Speaking for those who do not do things in jest, yet every saint has his own jest. When we jump and feel the trigger for the first time, we tend to remain oblivious to their flaws or our incapability to hold onto things forever. We drift along with time either towards or away from each other and only the later tells you about what is coming next.

As a sincere declaration of responsibility of things that people do in past to someone they are looking forward to remains that; it was done before you and it shall remain that way. On a sober note, an encounter with your affair tells you a lot about them. Even when they leave you totally moved and flabbergasted in million ways, a part of you, tingles to the fact that they had the same effect on someone else and may be, they too were affected in the same way by someone, before you.

There are umpteenth reasons as to why people move ahead in life, leaving someone who meant the world to them an year back and is now just a name or not even that. The reason could be anything, but most importantly the one that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart. Society has pressurized us in a way that it is acceptable to hate handful amount of people, but if you love more than two-three people, you are liable to be judged. I cannot comment on that, since it is everything, everyone has come to terms with, but in this article I will bring forward a sincere observation and a fact to fame.

You come to know about love and then you feel a love that will stay forever. The point is, you give your best in both the cases, but the latter adorns your consistency and ceaselessness. The later gets the best of you, for the rest of your life and that is when you know it is worth holding on to, no matter what. Turmoil, remorse and renounce are destined to happen but it does not dwindle your love, it strengthens.

Every time you shed a tear; it takes you one step closer, every time to grieve over; it takes you one step closer, every time you blame it on them; it takes you one step closer. You know that even though you two struggle day and night to get things right, it is meant for forever. You know that even though you cannot keep your promises more often than not, not stand upon each other’s expectation, go about letting them down; a part of you is angry yet sorry for all that happens and that is when you should know that it is forever.

So when I write love I write you and I for the future, when I write love I write happiness along with tears, when I write love I write understanding along with misapprehension, when I write love I write togetherness along with distance, when I write love I write sunshine and rains, I write comfort and distress, I write solace and agitation I write everything bad in me and everything good in you, I write everything that has happened and everything that is yet to come, I write almost everything under the sky, under a silhouette of shades of grey.


  1. Great one, some real complex thoughts! The last paragraph particularly really good!

  2. Excellent Thought I must say but what i think…..:) :)
    Friendship & Love …. The two sides of one coin … !! The more we understand … More complex it becomes ! The beauty of this Relation is … It happens at the most unexpected time n bring a Noticeable change in one’s Personality … We usually say Love conquers and it dominates … Well there is no end … In Love … There is No wrong & right .. U Only FEEL .. N that Feel is Out of dis World ! Relationship.. Romance … Closeness .. The First Kiss … Shyness …Possessiveness … Fights .. Break-Up … End ! Now .. Only Loads of Memories ! Enjoy them .. Cherish them .. Live 4 them .. Die 4 them !! Love is an undefined Science .. An Emotional Panorama .. & above all … An Endless Journey .. Where U Meet .. Yourself !! It is Faith .. Belief.. Worship .. Memories .. Sorrow .. & Your Tashan too .. A way to Express .. A reason 4 Embrace … It Enlightens your Soul .. Feelings are More … Space is very LESS !!!!! :) :)

    • Haha ! Your exuberance filled this page :D
      Yes, I second you on that. It is blissful.

  3. I am not much of a reader, specially I move away seeing the big posts. I saw the comment about the last para and read it. Its touching.

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