When I Got Stuck

I just got stuck in this moment
I jus got stuck in this life
I know, I know, it has been reeking
I know, it’s not a delight

I got stuck in the misery
I got stuck with this plight
I know, I know, I have been lying
Stealing, cheating is what am I trying

So who’s gonna trade my soul now
Who’s gonna trade my life
Is anyone trying to buy my sorrow
Is anyone bailing my life

Because I just got stuck in some redemption
I got stuck in the drive of some tension
And no one , absolutely no one
Was around to help

When I got stuck !!

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  1. I got stuck too… I wish i could speak or chat to you. You never ever reply to me on facebook tooo…
    Anyways , This state (in poem) is very relatable. But i dont know why its just Ok Ok kinda poem , may be something was lacking Unlike previous ones!!

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