Weekends Are Not For Tourist Destinations

Well Well, I am going to cut this really short and come to the point straight away. Last weekend I had the “opportunity” to visit Dehradun and Mussoorie and here’s the lovely anecdote.

  1. We left from New Delhi at 6 am, considering that it is way too early in the morning and we’d give traffic a toss. To our utter surprise, on this Saturday morning, there were a fair number of people on the road and I don’t mind that, it was fine.
  2. It started to rain and that’s when I realized that this is going to be a hallelujah trip since the hot sun waves weren’t there to cause any malady.
  3. Now this is that time of the trip where I started to lose hope not only in Google Maps, but also signboards on the road. The palpable Google maps guided us way off the beat and kept on re-routing to obscure places. Now contriving a new plan is always good, but not the one where your car gets stuck in the mud and no pressure to your utter dismay.
  4. So anyway, that’s the least bad of the trip. On reaching Dehradun amid all the rerouting challenges, we had one of the most unfortunate encounters; a traffic jam that started downhill and reached a top. With no escape. We covered 31 km in 4 hours.
  5. On reaching there, there was no getting back, at least that was something that we thought, but our chimerical had different plans for us.
  6. Mussoorie was so full, with cars grid locking as far as you’d see. Hotelier’s greed was directly proportional with tourist’s needs; prices escalated so quickly.
  7. At last, we had to come back to Dehradun.

What do we know- what did we learn?

  • Never go to any commercial place on weekends.
  • Advance bookings are no resort either. Major booking portals provide dubious information.
  • Google Map is fine, but always cross check with sign boards or people on the road.
  • Your own vehicle will save your thousands. If it is a nearby destination, try to take your car or bike. Cheaper and comfortable.
  • Don’t spend if it is not worth it. Unlike other hill stations, Mussoorie gives you an option to execute plan B as well. The journey was beautiful and we had a great time driving up the hill and then down. There wasn’t much to see otherwise. Thence, not spending 5k was worth the call.
  • Adding to this, tour packages from local facilitators is one of the most profane travel activities. Never opt for it.

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