The Pedagogy Of Your First Solo Trip: Best Travel Hacks

The idea of a solo trip is as daunting as the excitement, which is camouflaged behind it. As much as one wants to unravel the adventurer in you, the constant brooding from your peers, friends, family and most importantly yourself takes over that willingness. Traveling alone is the best thing you can do to yourself and as a matter of fact you are never too late to make that plunge. Even in your twenties, thirties or forties; it will have the same ever chaining effect.

I am a travel enthusiast and in this listicle I will share some best traveling hacks which will help you in making your first solo trip a big success. Where to go? What to pack? How to pack? What to pick & what to lose? How to survive? Security & safety:, all these concerns will be met in the below mentioned list.

Where to go?

First is only once and therefore you just have once chance to make it a trip of a lifetime. If you are a nomadic wanderer with numerous traveling experiences, I’d suggest you to just pick your stuff like a minimalist and chose a direction to walk. The world is waiting for you, but if you are new to traveling and haven’t done much before, I’d suggest pick a destination where you will be comfortable.

What to take?

The essence of traveling is to live a life that your travel offers you. More often than not, people mystify traveling with luxury. The greatest pleasure of traveling lies in the undefined. Do not burden yourself with the weight of stuff that you usually carry. This time, travel like a minimalist.

Avoid carrying valuables and avoid being constantly on phone. Use your cell to be in touch as less as you can. Carry a knife/pepper spray for your safety.

What to say? Where to say?

Usually, we are glued to our gadgets all the time. Today there is more serenity that the lens of our camera sees than our eyes. This time let your eyes capture everything, every bliss of the nature. Stay away from your laptop, cell phone, facebook/twitter account for a while. Give yourself a break. You don’t have to tell everyone about what you are up to. Breathe in each and every experience with your naked eyes and revel in it.

Make sure you are in touch with at least one person; a friend, family or colleague about your whereabouts, only for your safety.

Make it cheaper but make it safer

The enchantment of traveling at a whooping low cost is an experience worth having. Some of the greatest travel stories are worth sharing when you do the unbelievable. You can try couch surfing, hostels, shared rooms, bed & breakfast facilities or even camp near the river side; but make sure that amid all this you are not compromising on your safety.


  • Do not carry any original documents (domestic travel) and email yourself a copy of all your important documents like identity proof, passport, driving license etc. ( both domestic / International). Keep the copy in your gadget, if any.
  • Mark emergency contact list on your cell phone or set a theme where is displays the number of people to get in touch with if at all you get into any trouble, others should know whom to contact.
  • Keep cash handy but do not overdo the quantity. Keep cash in different places, so that you do not lose everything at once.
  • Out your valuables in a plastic bag / paper bag. Camouflage it; since no one thinks that you would your valuable in that.
  • Trust your gut, always.
  • Choose bed & breakfast over a complete hotel stay

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  1. This is truly helpful. It is very succinct and quick guide for the newbie wanderers, backpackers and/or travelers to make the trip of their lifetime.

  2. I am glad to know about the solo trip hacks you wrote here. I have been pondering for a while on such a trip and will go as soon as I am free. But before that, I’d love to know about your solo trip experience. Say what? :)

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