The stars said to the night
Why are you so dark and we are so bright
Then they started running in repertoire of fights
The sky couldn’t stand the sight

Stars began to question everything
Why the night sat smitten with the gloomy winds?
Why it sheltered the ones with a chastened heart?

Why when the night promised to hug stars all along?
To hold them in its arm and sing merry songs
Even with meteoric brontide or showers of thunder
A placid silhouette of its love would take it under

But the night couldn’t say or cry
It couldn’t whine or shy
For the years of togetherness came with a price
You keep shining and I won’t be so bright

So it kissed a star and called it a night
I know I am a liar and I know I have been a fool
I know we didn’t make it, but I am glad we broke the rules
And if someday you’ll ask me what to do
I’ll wrap my arms around, and, and
I’ll wrap my arms around and, and
I’ll wrap my arms around and do everything I should do

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