Mulshi Dam

I reckon it has been really long since I wrote last. It has been a wild ride ever since and I just couldn’t get my feet at one place to gather some time to write, but here I am, after almost a month.

It wasn’t quite a bit of an advanced science to travel this short and spontaneous excursion to Mulshi Dam. Chaitali had come over to my place; considering that it was weekend, we thought we’d stay up and rant. In any case in the wake of having some irregular jibber chatter we dozed at around 1 A.M.

Following day we got up ahead of schedule and were gazing for a way out to pass this exhausting day when the thought of going by Mulshi rang a bell. A companion of hers had gone by the place before and “Chaits” felt that it was a decent thought for both of us to go there and have a kickass begin for this boring Sunday.

So the errands were finished on the tip of our toes and by 10:30 A.M. we were ready. We packed two veg cheese sandwiches on the way and left for Mulshi.


Mulshi is 75km far from Pune and we had no clue where to head. Adding to the rapture, we didn’t charge our cell phones charged and the battery was emptying at the rate of light.

20141214_125413                                            20141214_125424

So when we saw the entire course and began moving, we were pretty sure that we’re going to get lost. We attempted to make sense of the course by asking people and utilizing our alleged impulses.



We additionally had extravagant speakers for us to show off out and about, on which we played mind blowing tracks from Coldplay. (The principal tune that I played was abhi to party shuru hui hain, and it just about felt like we were sitting in or driving a nearby rickshaw)


After a decent lengthy drive on her bike for 2 hours, we arrived at this spot.


We didn’t talk much and we simply sat there taking a gander at the immensity of everything. I am so certain we both required that; some solitary time.




On our route back, a douche began tailing us yet needn’t worry about it, it was a decent run.


  1. Hi there…its very nice place i must say..but its much much beautiful in monsoon. i have been going there since my very first year of college. we usually go there in have missed few spots which i would like to tell u..after paudgaon there is shedani phata..somewhere around 10 km from there..@ shedani phata there are two roads, one of them which u took lead u to left side of the lake… and i guess u missed is right side of the lake which is place to go in off monsoon season.. so when u take right from shedani phata after 2 km there is valne gaon where u will find zen spring resort..there is an awesome view from this resort and u can even trek down to the lake from there and enjoy beauty of it..

    if you plan again to visit mulshi in monsoon travel to tamini ghat which is also an awesome place.. i am sure u will like it. :)

    liked your blog and spirit..keep exploring..:)

    • Hey Ankush,

      A friend also mentioned about it. Since it was a spontaneous trip, neither did we ask nor we Googled. But I’ll surely go there in the monsoons. Thanks a lot.


  2. A good sneak out..!!! Slight proof reading required on 13th line!!!

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