McLeod Ganj

An extrameticulous baker 
sugar-ices wildly
everything within sight.

McLeod is the closest paradise to Delhi. It’s the beginning of beauty and end of enervating heat. A lot of times and by a lot of people I was told that Mcleod is a phenomenal place– something coming straight out of your dreams, but little did I know what it really was.

On an impromptu plan, like always, I hopped on a bus to Mcleod on a Thursday night. I packed just enough for my three days trip and was way more excited than I should have been.

I was going on an all-girls trip– a much-needed break, as I’d say.


So anyway, the bus ride from Delhi to Mcleod was pretty exciting, sorta chilling to the bone. The drive drove the bus exactly the way Keaue Reeves did in Speed. I almost screamed my guts out at 5 in the morning when I opened my eyes to the view of the valley, the steep road, and insurmountable mountains.


McLeod is almost at cloud level. While your days will start with a crisp cup of sunshine, your nights might end with a cloudy blanket. In this post, I won’t run you through how I spent my vacation, instead I will share the best places and experiences  from those three days.


 places to eat

Nick’s Cafe

You have to be here for their Banoffee pie. I swear to God, it’s the best I have ever had. The food here is pretty cheap and quite scrumptious. You wouldn’t have to think twice before ordering because they kinda make- you-wanna-have-it.



Tibetan Kitchen



One of the firsts in Mcleod, Tibetan Kitchen has the best momos ever, especially the chilli garlic sauce. I had Thukpa along with iced tea which was equally great.

Slightly expensive from the other cafes,  yet TK is worth every dime of your money, if you want some authentic Tibetan food.

Shiva Cafe


Nearly 6km away from the main Mcleod circle, Shiva cafe lies atop a tiny hill that’s part of a big mountain. On its way, you’ll have the most amazing view.



On your right would be a cascading waterfall, plunging from one stone to another in great harmony, in the front there will be hills covered under a green blanket of grass and up above a sky, promising that the best is yet to come. This 3km trek to this cafe is pretty exciting.


Illiterati Cafe






Oh.My.God. This is the best cafe so far. I have always wondered how people spend more than 2 hours in a cafe. I mean you go, you eat, and you leave, however, this place isn’t for those who want to be on the go. Cafe Illiterate is a book cafe with a view, thousand people would kill for.

They’ve got books, great Italian cuisines, good coffee & music.

Mcleod is the place where India meets Tibet. Be it food or culture, Mcleod is the site of the Tibetan exile community’s main temple.

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