How I Hacked Maldives In INR 45,000

Oh, the coveted idea of holidaying in Maldives has crossed everyone’s mind at least once. Until last week, I never thought I would go to Maldives for vacation and not for my honeymoon. Well, to begin with, yes it’s true; it’s a floating heaven on earth.


Maldives has been infamous all along for being excessively expensive and beyond one’s budget. The islands are so petite that everything comes on a daily basis, making all the necessities opulent.

I somehow hacked Maldives so brilliantly, I guess, I can school some wisdom here. By the end of this blog, I’ll make 2 times Goa = 1 time Maldives.

Day 1

Left from Delhi with a stomping heart and landed in Sri Lanka 2 hours before midnight. Colombo, the capital is akin to Southern India. Left from SL 5 in the morning and reached Male by 8:30 AM.


While flying, you’d see breathtaking atolls playing hide and seek with the water. Bordering with them would be tiny islets, several shades of green merging with several shades of blue. Before you’d reconcile with the emerging beauty of this place, you’d be welcomed by Male.

Male is the capital and most populated amongst all the islands in the vicinity. The Republic of Maldives has put all its potential to make this island rich with culture, history, tradition, monuments and camaraderie.

From Male, we took a quick bus ride to Hulhumalé- a relatively new and artificial island. The architecture is fantastic and praiseworthy.


I had made prior reservations for scuba diving. I’d highly recommend the Dive Club Hulhumalé for the expedition. They’re diligent, comparatively cheap and highly professional


The dive was amazing. Saw baby sharks, headband butterflyfish, Saddle butterflyfish, Blackback butterflyfish, Octopus and several others. We did two dives at two different locations.

Once you return from scuba, you will be too tired to do anything, therefore, I’d suggest just roam around the vicinity walking. Maldives is serene and you wouldn’t mind walking. We walked close to 10 km a day.



The heart of The Republic Of Maldives lies in Male. Even if you’re visiting any resort, located far from the main island, do insist your facilitators to take you to Male. There are several museums, parks, monuments, and repertoire of cultural activities to entertain you.


We took from the stop nearby to our hotel and then a ferry to Male. Male is home to several things, and an artificial beach is one of them. I can recall how the streets were covered with graffiti. Being a Muslim country, Male is way ahead of what the world expects it to. I mean, there were young girls skateboarding-What a sight :D

You should definitely watch Hukuru Miskiy (where non-Islamic people aren’t allowed without prior permission from the authorities). Islamic Centre, which is on the same road is an architectural landmark.


Sultan Park, again an artificial charmer where trees of plastic are studded with green and red lights. It’s a breathtaking view. They all look so real and refreshing.

The national museum of Maldives entails collection of Maldivian belongings from the 11th century.

Hacks Used:

  1. Always use the bus instead of a cab. The bus almost goes everywhere and will cost you 1/4th of a cab ride.
  2. Bring food as much as you can. I got packed food, fruits and some home made bread and they helped me in saving as much as $150 a day.
  3. Prior reservations are the key to savings. I fetched cheap deals for both, scuba and hotel online; INR 8,000 & 6,700 respectively. They cost a bomb otherwise.
  4. Buy a local sim card as soon as you reach there. It will cost you $9 to be precise. This will cut down on your international roaming.
  5. Locals are more than willing to offer currency change if you are carrying dollars at par with the bank rates. Try that option out in case banks are shut.
  6. Make the most of your free breakfast at the hotel, the food is really expensive outside with pretty fewer options for vegetarians.
  7. Pick butter & jam from your breakfast table. It’s free and can serve for your evening snack.
  8. Be courteous to your room-service. This might fetch you free water bottles. Water isn’t free there.shutterstock_289954028


  1. Friday isn’t a good day to explore Male. Almost everything will be closed.


  1. You have actually shown a way to Maldives n that things are really simple in the heaven.
    This writing of yours Shewali paves a comprehensive idea for us n a sure shot plan to visit the place in near future In Sha Allah

    • I’d love for you to visit Maldives, and then let me know about your experience.

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