In The Middle Of Nowhere, There Was A Cascade

For almost 2 decades, I have lived my life in a small town called Mhow (Military Headquarters Of War) and this is one of the greatest blessings ever. Mhow is indubitably Madhya Pradesh’s most beautiful and scenic city.


I was told to love it as a city that suffices the day to day needs of every someone who’s living far away from a metro city and yet offer them a life of exceedingly pristine pulchritude. Thus, in the middle of nowhere, I used to live and that is the place where I found everything a traveller would want.

This time when I went home for a short 2-day trip, it became a hallelujah journey. I along with my cousins went on a short expedition to Jam Gate, a place 30 km away from Mhow. It resides on the boundary of Malwa plateau and beyond this lies the Nimar region.

What concerns a wanderer is the fact that Jam Gate is an outdoor treat wherein a utopian site has come out from a painter’s canvas. Atop the hill, one will see a pacifying site; foggy mountains, inland see, flourishing flora and clouds that run above like a silhouette.

But before we made to this place, on our way we found something that was sort of better than the destination we were heading for.

A reservoir cum dam.IMG_20150808_153520

Other than circumambient grasslands, rocks and herd that flocked our vision, there was a cascade in the middle of nowhere. We couldn’t resist but jump off our seats and head towards this magic.




It was brilliant and so was the experience of diving into obscure water, however, one thing that absolutely slipped my mind was the arcane nature, with which blessing I saw water snakes. Never ever jump in the water you do not know the depth of, unless of course you’re Michael Phelps.

Do consider exploring Madhya Pradesh. It’s cheap, scenic, obscure and unblemished.

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  1. Its good to see you such a long time :) , i haven’t been this place ever but yes this heaven resembles the beauty of lonavala (somewhere), as i recently visited there.

  2. Travel more often and write more on these subjects…. reading such things is also an experience…very different from actually doing it… it’s like photography… u dnt see things like that when u r present there..

  3. What was that location of your first snapshot. That background climate is really amazing.

  4. I appreciate you sharing this article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

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