Imaginary You

It must be crazy in your world
To memorize someone so much
That they reside, in the very bone
Of twisting and swirling

An imaginary you

You curl up on the corner of my eye
Whenever I try
To tell people a story
Of you and I

And it’s almost funny to think
How my memories clutter around your name
How all the different places that look just the same
Whenever I tell them, a tale of two

It must be crazy love, it must be crazy

An imaginary you

For every atom that belongs to me, belongs to you
I loathe, grieve, and leave loafs of echo on the table
Peering over summer grass dancing around winter castle

It must be crazy love

When the war between night and day turns the sky red
My heart flutters with zillion blues
Like the Arizona Highway
That does not include one sunset view

An imaginary you have reckoned a thousand acres of my dreams
An imaginary you fondling the moon on my cheek




  1. Those last two stanzas made me feel like listening my girl’s words under moonlight on a fullmoon night. I totally loved it.

  2. I LOVE YOU!! And your Poem too. First 3 stanzas awesome. I must say your vocabulary is impeccable!! Keep it up!!

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