Do I Impress You?

Dear Concern,

I have been moving to a lot of places a lot, lately. In the past 6 months, I have practically changed 3 states and 3 cities. I have majorly been dealing with people who are intriguing and intimidating at the same time. It doesn’t exemplify anything, but what I have come to believe during this course that as a newbie at any place, one goes through a lot of pressure of “being accepted”.

Whoever is reading this, you’d concur with me if you have ever switched jobs; it is like the first day of a new school or college, only adverse. Every trip is a salutary event. You learn something out of it and by the time you do, you have a tale to narrate or a fable to laugh upon.

Other than that, a lot of menacing comes from the same gender. In this regard, in search of acceptance, in search of invitations to friendly gossips, easy encounters, group jokes; which you aren’t part of- you as an individual do things you generally wouldn’t do. Like asking them questions that aren’t important, laughing on stupid jokes that aren’t remotely funny, be attentive at all times to converse if need be etc.

One also struggles not to capitulate during the process, yet fight to thrive. I have always believed that people are good in general, but my experience suggests me otherwise. Most of them weren’t, maybe I wasn’t kind enough to experience their best, whatever the case be, this world is made of people and we have to abide by that rule, accept the fact, make them accept us and accept them.

Our peers, whoever we leave behind, a circle that belongs to you seems hard to attain unless you achieve it. You think you will never make as good friends as you did in past, but you almost do, you think you will never have such great confidants but you always have and you think life won’t be easy around all these new faces you know nothing about, but it always gets. So it isn’t that big a deal after all, yet as an individual we seek acceptance to an extent where nothing seems more important than that initially.

At last you will be judged on your employment execution and profitability. Work hard, as well as be brilliant. Making an open environment, streaming work climate is very basic to extreme productivity. In spite of the fact that you may have first-day awkwardness, setting the right tone – expert and drawing in – from the very beginning, will go far to helping make the best environment for you.

Things aren’t as awkward as they appear to be. Be patient my friend.

Au Revoir !


  1. I have been moving to a new place every 3 yrs (except during Engg. yrs :P) and I felt the same all my life. But eventually you realise first impressions aren’t that important if you will be meeting them again & again. And then you stop trying hard to get accepted fast. Let them take time and give yourself too, to find the real ones you’ll hangout with…

    I spend the initial days falling in love with the new place before people :)

    • What a great idea Vinod. Shall pursue that. Will feel better. :) Thanks!

  2. Make your intentions clear. If you want her to see you as boyfriend material, act like it! Flirt with her. Maintain eye contact. Pay her a smoldering compliment. Don’t just fall into old habits and act like you worship the ground she walks on. Make her feel special, but not at the cost of lowering yourself.

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