Delhi – Jaisalmer Road Trip

Number of days : 5                                                                                               Total kilometers2,100 km

Places : Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Ajmer                                          Cost of the trip : 9,500 ( 19,000/ 2)

We’ve been planning this trip for weeks, but not until Friday the 22nd of January we decided how we would do it. Quiet early on the fortunate Saturday morning, we decided to pack our bags, book the hotel for that night, pick some snacks and jump on the wagon to get started for the epic Delhi- Jaisalmer road trip.


Day 1 – Gurgaon to Jodhpur ( 570 km)

We started around 8 am and had to confront a heavy traffic jam on NH 8, but the moment we drove close to 40 km away from the city, the road was unimpeded. We drove all the way to Jaipur without stopping in between. Since I had already been to the city before, we did not dissipate our time and headed to Jodhpur straight away.

Must visit in Jaipur - Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, and Johri Bazar. Jaipur is home to amazing pottery.


The road from Jaipur to Jodhpur has to be one of the most beautiful routes for road trip in India. Innumerable mountains, sand hills, stone hills and long grasslands will pitch utter delight in your heart. Upon reaching Jodhpur around 7 pm, we were damn tired and decided to take a break from the running schedule.


I booked Raj Bagh which is 12 km away from the city, however the place is totally worth the distance. With Swizz cottages, Rajasthani architecture, and on spot services, this hotel goes to one of my favorites. Also, 10 points for the awesome food- finger-licking good.

Day 2 – Jodhpur to Jaisalmer ( 290 km)

Kick started our day around 7 am, and that is when we left the hotel and headed for Mehrangarh Fort, the beauty that is. It is the one of the most grandeur thing you’d ever see in your life. Bridging the gap between contemporary and the classic, Mehrangarh Fort will take you back to 1460 very quickly. The fort stands resplendent in its brown setting. It also offers a bird-eye view of the city.

Furthermore, one can see the eminent blue Jodhpur houses from the fort.



IMG_0318 IMG_0345

My next destination was Umaid Bhawan Palace, one of the world’s largest private residence. You’d want to stick to its walls and drool over the majesty it entails.

The palace is huge. It has this miniature model of the entire mansion which will put you in absolute awe. The tour of the mansion will take you around the magnificent life of Maharaja Umaid Singh and his descendants. The extravagance of the house can be seen in the towering wine list, array of eloquent crockery, their photographs from early 1960s, and the subtle elegance that veils the entire place.


We were done with both the places by 11am and then headed for the Ghas Mandi Bazar, which is near to the clock tower. This is the local market of the city and you are bound to stumble upon some good leather stuff. Do not miss the Mirchi vada. It’s delicious. Barging is the key to success here.


Calling it a day in Jodhpur, we started our road trip for Jaisalmer- the goal of our trip. On your way through this road, you will find peacocks, deer, camels, and plenty of sheep. I booked Resort Rawla, which is 40 km away from the city, however closer to the desert and sand dunes. This resort will be your gateway to Rajasthani culture, cuisine and tradition. We were welcomed with traditional folk music and dance. The resort plans the entire evening for you, followed by delicious dinner.



Here, you don’t really have your room, but a tent amid the desert at your disposal – a very well managed white tent in the middle of nowhere with all the amenities that you can expect. They will be more than helpful in meeting your demands, whatever they may be. We asked for extra blankets, we got them. We asked for late dinner, we got that too.

After ogling at the sun for a while and gorging like voracious maniacs, we left for the city to explore its ruins.

Day 3 Jaisalmer

It’s your typical village turned into a city with the paucity of ATMs. Oh yes!!

Women dressed in the local colorful attire and men wearing turbans and dhotis will set standards for Indian culture. You’d love to click everything since the contrast in colors make the place even more beautiful to look at. The food of course is something which is scrumptious at every nook and corner, although on cleanliness, I give  it -1.

We’ve spoiled monuments just by visiting them, now imagine the damage one would cast by living there all time. People have painted marriage invitations on the walls of the fort (read their own house), there’s cow dung everywhere, debri and a lot more.



Jaisalmer Fort, which is to behold the history of the city is a place where people live on daily basis. The fort has succulent options for eateries, including Italian, French and native cuisines.  During the 37th meeting of the world heritage meeting, this fort was added to the UNESCO world heritage site. Indubitably.


Amid that, it managed to keep up with the breathtaking view from the top of the fort. The entire city somehow fits into your eyes. On your way to the fort, you’d see shops and kiosks selling jewelry, leather made stuff, antiques, products made of sandstone etc.


Must visit: Jaisalmer Haveli

At 2, we had to reach Pleasant Haveli, our host for the day.

Here I want to take a moment to thank these guys for the best experience of my life. Unlike the regular desert safari, Pleasant Haveli offers a service which is different from every other firm.

The journey to our first desert safari started with the haunted village Kuldhara. 



IMG_0546 IMG_0531



After this expedition, they take you in the middle of desert with unadulterated and uninterrupted surroundings. You will spot absolutely no one other than your group or the ones who are taking you there. The safari then proceeds to a 4 km long camel ride on and around the dunes.  During the ride, you’d see sheep, dogs, birds, and other fellow camels.

You’d be alone, but you’d be at ease.




  • No electricity, no washroom, and no network.
  • Cook your own dinner and eat it under the stars.
  • Camel ride over the dunes for 4 km.
  • Mini bonfire and camping with the locals.
  • Listen to their folk songs, local stories and connect with people like never before.IMG_0687IMG_0688

Trip’s highlight:

Dinner under the stars and then of course sleeping under them was the highlight of my life. Never have I ever seen so many stars in my entire life.  FYI, I spotted 3 satellites for the first time in my life.


Watching the sunrise growing over the dunes brought us the pleasure which is denied to many.  We ate breakfast American style- Pancakes and Juice which was Insianized in the middle of Thar desert. :D :D

Day 4 Jaisalmer to Ajmer ( 490 km) IMG_0108

We started our day in haste, planning to run back to Ajmer as soon as possible, because it was quite far and we had our reservations. It felt like I was living the day before yesterday in reverse. On the way, we stopped at Indian Army’s War Museum, which runs 15 minutes documentary of the Kargil War & the Battle of Longewala.

The museum has photographs, arms, ammunitions and remnants from the war for the visitors to see.

We reached Ajmer around 8pm and dozed off by 9pm I guess. [Read dead tired now]

Day 5 Ajmer To Delhi (390 km)

Our last to-do was the Sharif Dargah, Ajmer and that’s the first thing we did that day. Being there in the premises adds a certain tranquility to your heart. The Mullah sang prayers which were bewitching, the dargah was decorated with several shades of green and the chants sent chills down your spine. Your adrenaline will kick-start itself.

After this, we headed back for home and made it to Gurgaon by 4pm.

That’s all.

Note- I’ve bagged awesome deals from goibibo on this trip, so much so that I haven’t paid more than 900 for any hotel.

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