Don’t you think that our slithering lines of life are turning into a labyrinth? Well, I do. In fact, I believe that these are not even labyrinth anymore. They are becoming cobwebs. I’ll tell you why.

We are and have always been like walking magnets. We attract people without talking to them, just with our eyes, our voice, our presence, our words and the universe we carry within. The attraction necessarily needn’t be the kind today’s generation perceive; it is the kind that only demands some sort of information to be known, to be felt, to be agreed upon and more precisely to be settled for. The celerity of my ideas takes an exponential ride whenever I come across an intriguing concept, people or mind.

My life then, becomes a cobweb, combination of a million things that make me, me every day. It isn’t what I learnt in school or how I felt when things did not work or the reckless abandoning of people I loved- it is, in fact, the morning sickness I have on Monday or the Wednesday blues of not having a wishful will to cook for myself- maybe sleep empty stomach because my eyes are dried out due to the long hours at work or the horrible habits of breathing in coffee beans; whatever that is, it is something that I have done over the years and I shall remain loyal to them.

So we carry our cobwebs along the universe of everything. Everywhere we go, there’s another line of web that it adds to the labyrinth – people whose names we have on it, places whose memories are entailed in it, long gone wishes, dreams, desires, parts of your mind that you’ll never share with a soul, the lover’s scar and enemies’ affection- everything in it and on it and around it which struggles to flutter as often as it can. But when it does, it attaches to the closest cobweb.

No wonder why there’s a bliss in misery. I mean, we aren’t as contended as a happy soul, as we are when we are sad. Happiness is momentary and we have accepted that, and sadness, it stays with us. Sadness goes to bed with us, it crawls with us on our way to the office, then in the slumber meetings to the tasteless dinners. Sadness accompanies us everywhere we go and happiness, it only clings to the corner of your coat and touches you once in a while.

Our cobwebs only get bigger with time and they entail more details, intricacies of life, people, ideas, places, memories, demands, needs, love, lust, hatred, emotions, expectations, wishes, dreams, and the nuances of it. It only gets bigger in the sense to burden you with it.. The bigger it is, the heavier it becomes and it will never fill you up, instead pull you down, so that you think on it, ponder on it, spend hours, days, months mourning about it- only to come back exactly where you started.


  1. Hi Shewali,

    Loved this post, specially the description of closest cobweb and how sadness clings to us all the time.
    So true!

    • Hey, Ankita, Merci! Glad you like it and agree with me. Isn’t it always like that? Former is momentary while the latter is enduring.

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