About Me

Hola, I am Shewali.

I am a travel and life enthusiast. It really intrigues me to know what actually brought you here; anyway now that you are reading this, I must tell you that I am really glad to have you.

My dream is to travel like Christopher Mccandless, yes the *Into The Wild* guy. I wish to just go out and travel as long as I can. I am an aspiring travel blogger. I intend to travel more and write about it.

Lately, I am quiet zealously involved into adventure sports. My adrenaline relentlessly pushes me to take the road less traveled. The list of my adventure checklist comprise of: Skydiving, Para sailing, Jet Ski, Para gliding, Bungee Jumping, river rafting and trekking.

My bucket list includes: scuba diving, water boarding, and water surfing along with anything that is remotely adventurous.

I love the euphony I hear late at night, while gazing at the stars, since I am a night owl.

I love rock music; Coldplay being my favorite band and Eddie Vedder being my favorite artist.

Don’t consider it as levity and trust me when I say this but I rode Royal Enfield up the steep hills of Rishikesh. It was one hell of an experience.

I also wish to unravel the mystical beauty of Himalayas one day.

I write about life, love and adventure. Pleased to see you here. :)